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Neosoft accomplished a good deed. Promoters of the business have personally dealt with the challenges relating to preterm and term newborns, including those involving their attire, accessories, supportive items, and safety concerns.

Neosoft main goal is to help and solve the universal problems that preterm and term babies face. We view it as a noble cause and are working to improve the health, welfare, and safety of the infants... Read more

Imported Products Made Indigenous

Neosoft Nesting Set
Single Nesting
Bubble CPAP Cap
Cannula Splint (with Adhesive Tape)
Eye Mask

Positioning Aid

An Astounding Set of Nesting with Sui Generis Magical Wand for NICU A Complete Set of Nesting For Preemies … The Nesting Set ménage includes bendable positioning aids that stay in place until it is reshaped by the caregiver. They can be molded into the desired shape to promote containment and to provide a reflex stimulus for extremity extension and subsequent flexion recoil. It supports Supine, Side Lying & Prone, all Developmentally Supportive Care (DSC) Positioning to Preemies & helping them in their journey during NICU stay. It is a complete Nesting set having 4 elements, Moldable Main Nesting & Head Positioner, both remain in desired shape until unless they are reshaped, Sheet with Strips & ultra soft detachable Bolster to be placed at the center of the... Read more

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